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The Places Most People Forget to Clean

By 27th May 2020December 9th, 2020Domestic Cleaning

Cleaning your home can sometimes feel like a chore, we usually put it off until we have to but quite simply cleaning your home is the best way to enjoy the space we live in.

Below, we outline the most common places people forget to clean and the areas we often notice when we clean for our clients.


1. Dirty Doormats

The first and last place you enter your your home. Often our hallways are the first place to get dirty as we enter and exit our homes throughout the week potentially bringing in mud and bacteria as we tread around.

Doormats are often moved around to clean underneath but often we see are not cleaned themselves. A quick vacuum like you would the rest of the carpets is all it takes and helps to keep the surrounding floors cleaner for longer!


2. Remote Controls

Small household items often get overlooked when we carry out our own domestic cleans. Chief of which tends to be our remote controls!

Used by the whole family, they tend to pick up grease, dirt and animal hairs along the way. Just a quick wipe down will do with a dry or slightly damp (not wet) cloth.


3. Books

This one is for those of us who love a good read. We often forget about our collection of books on the shelf which over time become a magnet for dust. Remembering to once a year remove the books from the shelf and give a good dusting will not just ensure a cleaner home but also will help to keep the books in good condition for years to come.


4.  Houseplants

Often overlooked, our house plants build up dust over time and can benefit from a light dusting every so often as part of our cleaning routine. Not just good for our homes but the plants will also be happier and you may even notice them looking happier as the leaves can now absorb more light. We want to be careful with any flowers so just gently brushing the leaves of any dust is all we need to do.


5. Light Switches

Once again, this is another easy one to overlook. Our light switches will often harbour bacteria, oils and dirt from our hands and are commonly forgotten about when we clean our homes. Regularly wiping these down will ensure they stay clean and dirt free.