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Outshine was formed in 2018 with the vision of becoming the best, most reliable and trusted cleaning company in Surrey.

Our Story

Outshine was formed in the summer of 2018 by Marie-Charlotte Fletcher and Charlie Nichols when we realised that the domestic cleaning industry needed a shake up. We realised a lack of communication with the clients which, more often than not, leads to unsatisfactory jobs and unhappy customers, how the customer and quality of work have taken a back seat. It is hard to find the right local cleaning company to work with that you can trust in your home and one that strives to deliver the best possible experience every time.

Our vision is to create Surrey’s most friendly,  trusted and environmentally conscious cleaning company who values our clients as much as the work we do through every part of our business. Customer experience and industry leading performance through our work and use of the best tools available are only just the start. We are on a mission to create a culture of excellence through the experiences we create and the employees that make up our company. We realise that domestic cleaning isn’t simply just a task, but a mission to create a happy and safe living environment that encourages productivity and wellness within home life.

"With a background in childcare working closely with families I have come to learn the importance of a clean and safe home and the benefits it has in everyday life. For me, it is important that Outshine places quality of service at the front of everything we do ensuring each home is cleaned with the care and attention it needs as if it were our own. Charlie and I personally stay in contact with each one of our clients to make sure that the company stays on its toes and Outshine is providing a magical experience every time."

Marie-Charlotte FletcherCo-Founder & Director

"Having worked for companies such as Mercedes-Benz and John Lewis I have had the wonderful experience of contributing towards industry-leading customer experiences and more recently as a graphic designer creating impactful and meaningful brands. Outshine for me is about creating a company that will make waves within the domestic cleaning market, turning the industry on it's head to put the power back in the customer's hands. No more communication barriers, no more worrying about quality of service and no more stress in choosing the right people to invite into your home. Finally!"

Charlie NicholsCo-Founder & Director

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